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Website Chat Bot – What Can It Do For Your Business?

Now there are literally hundreds of millions of people using the internet and more joining every day. You also have many large websites with tons of content. So it’s important to get as many people to visit your website or blog as possible and this is one way you can achieve this. A website chat bot or just simply a webchat for the website is basically a bot that answers all of your users queries automatically and helps them book an online appointment / book a service, obtain quotes, FAQs and much more.

website chat bot

(NO, this isn’t a conversational or online chat bot that responds to user queries in some generic way, this is a conversational bot that uses natural language processing to reply to your users queries in almost any form / sequence) If you use this website chat bot correctly it will be able to detect and record almost any type of inquiry that your user may have. For example, this website chat bot was programmed to suggest common medical questions and common dental questions. In fact it can even suggest multiple related and specific keywords to search for based on the user’s query. This is achieved by having it integrate with the popular Google Keyword Tool and the phrase ‘Dental Practice management’ which is one of the most popular keyphrases used on Google. As it works with the Google Keyword Tool, it will be able to suggest to your user queries based on these keywords and also related search phrases based on what your users is looking for.

This website chat bot also integrates with many other popular ecommerce chat services such as joomla, phpBB and many others. If used successfully, it can lead to massive savings in your ecommerce campaigns and it can do this while reducing your overall customer service costs. It will also allow your sales team to spend more time focusing on other important tasks such as customer support, answering emails and generating new leads. By combining the services of this website chat bot with your ecommerce ebusiness software it can make your entire business more automated and increase your overall profitability.

How it works: To start with, it will take the information you provide it, along with other data like website visitors, queries and the number of abandoned carts to be assimilated into a database. Using sophisticated natural language recognition technology it will then generate an automatic response to each of your website visitors queries. These responses will be sent to your website visitors in a variety of ways – through an email, an SMS or a pop-up message. Once your website visitors have clicked an advertisement it will also show a preview of the dialogue that will take place if they proceed to the’submit’ button.

One of the advantages of this automated website chat bot is that it is able to handle multiple conversations at once. For example, you can set up the bot to respond to a series of questions about a particular topic or perhaps to receive questions about specific procedures in a certain procedure, for a dental practice. By doing this it allows your staff to spend their time working on other transactions, rather than spending time composing one-on-one conversations with prospective patients. For dentists, it also gives them the opportunity to interact more effectively with their patients by providing them with more relevant information, which they can then pass on to the appropriate departments for improved efficiency.

Another aspect is that website chat bot applications can automatically place the website chat application links into all of your website pages, as well as into all of your social media pages, like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. This will give all of your customer base the opportunity to have access to your live chats in real time, which again gives you even more time to focus on your customer service. In some instances, the automated web chat application can place the links to your live chats on the side bar of all of your websites, and even across all of your social media profiles. If you currently own multiple sites that provide your customers with access to live chats, you will find that using these chat bots will dramatically increase the number of people who are able to visit your site, and subsequently return once they’ve had a chance to explore all of the options. In many ways, the increase in traffic you will achieve from this simple solution will be comparable to what you would experience by simply hiring in additional receptionists to handle customer inquiries during regular business hours.

Using chat bots to fill in your customer service queries will allow you to ensure that your employees are very prompt in their response, and also in taking the appropriate actions to keep customers coming back. For example, by having the chat bot place the link to your live discussion feed on the wall of each of your reception desks, it gives your employees a clear and easily visible reminder that it is time for them to take care of a call, or fill out a form, and then they can get back to work dealing with the customer. In turn, website visitors will feel more comfortable using Facebook chat when it is presented in this manner, as they won’t have to wonder how the conversation is going to progress, and whether or not there are any other people on Facebook. With so many people signing up to chat on Facebook every day, it’s always a good idea to make sure that your first responder is always ready to help. Using chat bots to streamline your customer service functions will enable you to do this easily, and without having to invest in more employees, or worry about creating new pages for them.

Using website chat bots to help with customer service functions is nothing new, but the use of mobile phone users has been growing exponentially in recent years. Mobile phone users have steadily grown to over 500 million globally, making them one of the biggest demographics using the web. Chat bots are designed to specifically accommodate conversations on the mobile phone platform, allowing your first responders to connect with people around the world. Chat bots were specifically engineered to handle calls on mobiles, so they are perfectly capable of handling both incoming and outgoing calls. This will help to reduce the time it takes for your team members to reach out to your customers, and it will give your business a dramatic boost in the online reputation of your company.

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