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Social Media Management Software For Beginners

Social Media Management has become an increasingly important part of websites today. Almost all webmasters have at least one or more social media sites going. Sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, FourSquare, YouTube and Flickr are all used by many people. In fact, Social Media Management is something you cannot do without, even if you own and run a small to medium-sized company. Here are 25 of our favorite social media management tools available on the internet today.

Social Media Management

Twitter. The most well known of these tools is also the one that is most widely used. Tweepi is a free, quick and easy to use twitter application that will help you manage your account while automatically updating your status and sending out messages to all your followers. The difference is primarily based on cost and is not entirely clear-cut based upon price alone. If you’re a relatively small to medium sized business, a simple tool on the third list would suit you, and if you’re a large corporation, an expensive tool probably isn’t what you need.

My Web Time. This is the big three social media management platform that acts as a central hub for many online marketers. It includes a blog (powered by Twitter), a free email service, as well as the ability to schedule tools (such as a free Google Docs calendar).

SocialDeck. SocialDeck is another popular and powerful social media management software application that allows you to manage multiple accounts in one centralized location. This makes it easier to schedule posts and other functions within the application. The application is extremely easy to use and comes at a very reasonable cost, however there are certainly other apps that are more effective and/or offer more features.

HubSpot Social Media Management Tools. A relatively new program, HubSpot Social Media Management Tools was created by SocialDeck and includes a blog as well as a few other tools such as the Activity Stream and Buffer hubs. SocialDeck includes a number of social media management tools such as the Activity Stream and Buffer hubs, which allow you to manage multiple profiles through a single interface. You can also get additional functionality through the ability to schedule posts, comments, and feeds, and set up events.

Buffer. Buffer is considered by many to be one of the most advanced and powerful social media management tools available today. It allows you to easily manage multiple profiles, groups, tags, favorites, or pages without having to spend any money. One of my favorite aspects about this app is the easy to use dashboard that allows you to quickly organize your account.

SocialDeck Social Media Management Tools. SocialDeck is another powerful social media management software platform that allows you to easily manage several different profiles, groups, and even the ones you’ve already created within the system. The platform also provides additional functionality through the use of the Activity Stream, which allows you to schedule posts and comments for your group. The Buffer application makes it easier than ever before to keep in touch with your target audience without wasting time posting boring and repetitive messages. The Social Media Manager is an extremely useful tool for anyone who needs to effectively reach their target audience.

If you want to know how to effectively manage your Facebook, MySpace, or other online communities, I highly recommend that you take advantage of these free trial solutions. These programs were designed by industry veterans in the field, so you can trust them to help you manage your account. In order to take advantage of everything that these tools offer you, simply access the links below to get started. This article may be freely reprinted or distributed in its entirety in any Ezine, newsletter, blog or website.

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