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Places to Visit in Middletown, Connecticut

Located in Middlesex County, Connecticut, Middletown is a central Connecticut city. It’s about 16 miles south of Hartford and located along the Connecticut River. The city has lots to offer travelers, from Wesleyan University and Millers Pond State Park to the historic Oddfellows Theatre.

Wesleyan University

With a beautiful campus overlooking the Connecticut River, Wesleyan University is a top college for rowing. It also has a thriving social scene and is situated halfway between Boston and New York, making it a popular destination for weekend trips. Students apply to Wesleyan University each year. Of that total, around 22% of applicants are accepted. However, students who apply early can increase their chances of being accepted.

There is a diverse student body at Wesleyan University, with nearly 35% students of color. The university is also home to around 10% international students. Its students are highly academic and have an average SAT score over 2100. The school’s academic programs include mathematics, physics, computer and information sciences, and visual and performing arts. Students at Wesleyan are encouraged to get involved in clubs and activities on campus. The campus is also home to a Nobel Prize-winning researcher, Gary Yohe.

Founded in 1831, Wesleyan University is a private, liberal arts college in Middletown, Connecticut. The 316-acre campus features cutting-edge facilities, an intimate environment, and unique opportunities for research. Wesleyan is conveniently located only two hours away from Boston and New York City.

Cockaponset State Forest

The Cockaponset State Forest is the second largest forest in the Connecticut state forest system. It is comprised of over 17,000 acres of land, with most of the land in Middlesex County. However, there are several parcels in New Haven County as well. The forest is a great place to go for hiking, bird-watching, or just relaxing in nature.

Cockaponset State Forest is a densely forested forest that spans over 16,696 acres. This forest was once inhabited by the Quinnipahuah tribe before Europeans arrived. The forest features a number of trails and roadside parking.

Cockaponset State Forest is part of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEP). Located in Middletown, this forest is surrounded by quasi-public land. Northeast Utilities manages this wildlife area in partnership with the CT DEP. The Cockaponset State Forest features a number of trails, including the blue Mattabesset Trail. However, be warned, the trails here are not as scenic as the blue trails that you can find in other parts of the state.

The town of Middletown, Connecticut has a long history. It is located along the Connecticut River and is convenient to both Hartford and New Haven. The town received its current name in 1653. Before that, it was known as Mattabeseck.

Oddfellows Theatre

The Oddfellows Theatre in Middletown is a nonprofit youth theater dedicated to offering theatrical programming to young people. They offer a wide range of programs ranging from classic plays to circus skills. Over 1,200 children and young adults are served by the theater every year. This makes it one of Connecticut’s largest year-round youth theaters.

The Oddfellows Theatre is one of the few arts organizations in the area that actively engages youth. Its summer youth theater camp culminates in an outdoor public performance with more than 200 performers and a thousand spectators. This theater also hosts a children’s circus each summer, which is now in its 33rd season and is considered a national model for a community circus.

The Oddfellows Theatre in Middletown is home to one of Connecticut’s oldest and largest theater programs. They offer training in acting, circus skills, and other performing arts and are the largest year-round youth theaters in the state. A variety of shows are presented at the Oddfellows Theatre, including classics and modern musicals.

The Oddfellows Theatre in Middletown is an amazing place for young people to take part in the arts. It offers classes, performances, and special events for youth ages one to twenty. The theater serves the Middletown community as the largest year-round theatre for children in Connecticut.

Craft breweries

Middletown Connecticut is home to some great craft breweries. From small independent establishments to world-renowned brands, there are some fantastic opportunities in Middletown to sample the latest craft brews. And with four new establishments opening in recent months, you’ll never be short of options. To get started, sign up for Craft Beer News, a weekly newsletter featuring news of new and upcoming craft breweries.


Museums in Middletown, Connecticut contain collections of artifacts, specimens, and objects that are used for research and educational purposes. They also make these collections accessible to the public through exhibits and educational programs. These Middletown museums can focus on a broad range of subjects or narrowly focus on one or two fields.

The Greater Middletown Military Museum is dedicated to the country’s fallen heroes. The museum preserves and honors the rich military history of Middletown. It also features a moving tribute to military working dogs. Middletown, Connecticut has a rich history of military service and military veterans. Middletown is home to the Connecticut Trees of Honor, a tribute to the 65 Connecticut soldiers killed in post-9/11 conflicts.

The Middletown Museums and Cultural Center is home to several interactive exhibits. The Kidcity Children’s Museum offers a hands-on experience for children from birth to seven. Its three floors feature exhibits that encourage imaginative play. In addition to the Toddler Sea Cave, toddlers can also explore the Middleshire medieval village. They can build a castle, learn about Vikings, and get creative.


Located on the banks of the Connecticut River, Middletown, Connecticut is a lively community with many outdoor activities. The city is a great place to spend a day with family or friends. The central business district is full of shops, restaurants, and cafes, including some that are family-friendly. The area is also endowed with 19th-century architecture. Middletown is also home to the Wesleyan University, which has an art museum housed in an expansive 1830s mansion. There is also a popular winery and craft brewery across the river.

While visiting Middletown, Connecticut, be sure to visit the Indian Hill Cemetery. This scenic area is near the campus of Wesleyan University and offers stunning views of the Connecticut River. The cemetery was established in 1850 and is still active today. Its picturesque location attracts walkers from the university.

Nearby state parks offer several options for family fun, including two swimming areas. The Old Saybrook Beachfront is 100 yards long, and features a playground and restrooms. The state park also offers boating and fishing. Its pier has shell-fishing areas on the western end. It is free to visit.

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