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Is Himalayan Sea Salt Beneficial?

sea salt

Is Himalayan Sea Salt Beneficial?

Sea salt is naturally salty sea water that is harvested by evaporating seawater over warm temperature. It’s often used as a flavoring in cookery, baking, cosmetics and even for preserving food. It’s also known as black sea salt, pink sea salt or dead sea salt.

Salt is an essential part of every ecosystem. This earthy mineral is vital to life as it provides nourishment through food, air, and shelter. In fact, without salt the earth would have no plant life. Salt is very common and it comes in many different forms. As mentioned above, fresh water sea salt and marine Dead Sea salt are the two most common minerals found on the planet. They vary slightly in concentration.

Salt is formed through earth’s crust by the evaporation process. Evaporated water contains various trace minerals like sulfur, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron etc. As these minerals are transported to the surface of the earth, they interact with other minerals and become salt. The heavier mineral matter tends to take the upper position and as a result salt can be deposited on the surface of the freshwater ocean.

There are many types of salt available including table salt and sea salt. Table salt consists of the mineral ions and the concentration and texture of the rock is important. Sea salt on the other hand contains much more magnesium and iron. The composition of this type of salt varies depending on the location and the time of year. Usually fresh water sea salt comes out light while sea salt absorbed from the sea takes a darker shade.

You may wonder how a crystal salt can change color even when not in use. Most crystals salt do not turn color due to oxidation or sunlight. Most salts however do acquire a unique color when exposed to UV light. Amethyst, a variety of the dead sea salt retains the same dark color irrespective of whether it is exposed to the sun or not.

Amethyst crystals are known for their delectable fragrance and their therapeutic attributes. Its salts also help in treating eye problems and skin disorders. The salt imparts long-term protection against environmental aggressors as the minerals found in it to fight against bacteria, viruses, moulds and certain types of fungi.

Himalayan salt is the finest salt known to man. It is obtained from a variety of minerals found in the foothills of the Himalayas. There are four different types of minerals contained in this variety of salt: gypsum, aluminum, potassium and calcium. All these minerals make this salt an excellent revitalizer for those who want to add a little zest to their meals.

Himalayan sea salt also proves to be a good respite for people suffering from allergies. This is because the minerals present in this kind of salt block the release of histamines, a substance that triggers allergic reactions. Ingesting sea salt has also been proved to help lower down the risk of various diseases like cancer and diabetes. Salt has also been proved to aid in treating kidney stones and reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis. Sea salt may seem to be difficult to prepare but fresh water sea salt is easy on the pocket.

You can buy sea salt from any grocery store or convenience store. The most preferred fresh water variety is the Himalayan salt. It is available in crystal shades and hence it is very difficult to keep its color. Also, the process of harvesting such salt is laborious and can take up to two days. Harvesting fresh water salt from seawater is difficult and hence the price of this salt is on the higher side.

Harvesting fresh water sea salt is not a problem. These varieties are always available in the sea and you just have to harvest them when they are in their optimum condition and quality. You can also opt for the laboratory grade sea salt, which has a tighter molecular structure and hence the salt does not lose its properties with time. You can cook with this salt and the taste will remain for years.

Himalayan sea salt is a natural product. Therefore it is always in the best condition and there is no risk of over harvesting it. In addition, the salt is rich in minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium. It can also help to improve your blood circulation. The salt helps to remove toxins from your body and detoxifies the blood. In short Himalayan sea salt is a great way to treat yourself to some nature’s own medicine!

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