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Himalayan Sea Salt Has Many Benefits

Himalayan sea salt is one of the world’s four traditional salt forms. It is produced in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains where temperatures are extreme and rain is common. This makes the environment inhospitable to other forms of salt. The high concentration of trace mineral content in the rock allows it to be highly absorbent. Its use as food additive and as an antiseptic makes it one of the most popular varieties of natural salt available today. Pink Himalayan salt is a highly refined form of the salt that is mined primarily in the Punjab region of Pakistan.

himalayan sea salt

Salt is essential for sustaining body health and its deficiency can lead to negative health consequences including irritability, anxiety, cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension and osteoporosis. Himalayan sea salt has a higher content of trace minerals such as potassium and magnesium, which help to regulate blood pressure and increase the metabolic rate. High blood pressure is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. This is why eating salty snacks on a regular basis is linked with a decreased risk of heart attacks and strokes. The addition of salt to food can cause an increased level of osmotic pressure which stimulates salt retention and causes fluid retention resulting in weight gain. A better sleep quality is another result of Himalayan sea salt which helps to prevent dehydration during exercise and keeps the heart and lungs healthy.

Since its processing techniques remove 90% of the mineral content, the average amount of Himalayan Sea Salt to produce one gram of salt is less than one percent. Its high mineral content ensures that its use as food additives is limited. Although the market is flooded with salt substitutes it is advisable to choose manufactured salts that have been tested and certified to maintain the nutritional value of the original salt. The FDA does not regulate the industry and numerous manufactures use ingredients that may be harmful to the human body. Therefore it is important to do your own research and check with your physician before using any salt.

Himalayan Sea Salt is available in different forms like rock salt, tablets, flakes, brines and hydrotherapy products. Some countries in the Middle East and Asia use Himalayan sea salt in cooking and preparing drinks while others use the pink salt in baking, sprinkling and other preparation processes. Pink salt is available in different color variations depending on the minerals that have been added to it. These various forms have different effects on the body including the following benefits:

It lowers blood pressure: According to research findings, Himalayan salt contains no measurable amounts of salt or sodium, but it does contain a considerable amount of potassium which aids in the reduction of sodium in the blood stream and lowers blood pressure. Therefore it can be beneficial for those suffering from hypertension. For those people who are not on medication but need to decrease the amount of salt in their diet, this is an ideal choice. However, sodium reduction alone cannot be the sole reason to use this form of table salt as most people prefer salty foods, which is why the recommended daily allowance of sodium is two grams for adults and one gram for children.

It is good for the heart: There have been many studies that support the claim that Himalayan Sea Salt has certain beneficial qualities for the heart. One such study states that a person who eats foods that are high in trace minerals like these two salt will have less risk of having a heart attack or stroke. A number of other studies also indicate that consuming these types of salts over time will lower the levels of “bad” cholesterol in the blood stream, as well as improving the circulation and flexibility of the heart muscle. These trace minerals are very important for the heart and artery walls. The more “good” cholesterol in the bloodstream the better the health of the heart and arteries are.

It reduces fatigue: Another benefit of Himalayan Pink Salt is that it can help to improve one’s energy level. Not only does it add more trace minerals to the body, but it has the ability to energize the cells and tissues of the body. This makes the cells more resistant to damage and helps to promote overall energy levels throughout the body. Many people find that by eating this salty mineral supplement they feel more energetic than they did before.

In addition to helping to naturally boost energy levels, the trace elements contained within this type of mineral have also been shown to lower the levels of blood pressure. This is due to the increase of potassium and magnesium that occur when you consume this form of salt. Potassium is necessary in order to keep fluids moving in the blood, while magnesium helps to keep the inner linings of blood vessels strong and flexible. By drinking this pink salt mineral solution or taking a supplement that contains it you can help your overall blood pressure level to remain at an acceptable level.

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