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Finishing Tricks – Truffle Salt Can Be The Perfect Seasoning For Your Cooking

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Finishing Tricks – Truffle Salt Can Be The Perfect Seasoning For Your Cooking

There is an all time great debate raging among cooks about the best type of salt to use for cooking. Some people stick to their guns and use the traditional salt known as “bleached” salt; others use what they consider the healthier alternative, Truffle salt (also known as black truffle salt). It is interesting to note that there is some type of controversy regarding which kind of salt you should use when it comes to cooking. Some people swear by using the “real” variety while others insist that salt is the culprit behind various food poisoning incidents around the world. So who is right?

The answer is not quite so cut and dried. While the use of real truffle salt may indeed help you create some exquisite dishes, it may be a double edged sword. While using the less “real” variety in preparing certain dishes can aid in reducing the chances of food poisoning, it may also have its own downfalls. Using this seasoning in a dish that needs to hold a specific flavor or texture can make the dish a slightly bitter or salty flavor, rather than the sweet and fresh flavor many are looking for.

In order to avoid such a problem, it is best to use a product such as truffle salt, which offers a balance of both salt and flavor. The product is made using a number of different species of woody plant, which have all been chosen for their unique aroma, color, taste and texture. In the past few years, a number of different varieties of truffle salt have been imported from France and Italy. Each has its own unique set of qualities, but most are very pleasing to the palate and provide a wonderful sense of aroma, as well as a wonderful sense of finishing.

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