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Dead Sea Salt Baths – What Do They Do?

Dead Sea Salts and Epsom Salt are two popular go-tos for people seeking natural alternative healing treatments. But what’s the big deal with these two? To most people’s surprise, Epsom salts aren’t actually salts at all. They’re actually a natural mineral found frequently in water containing extremely high concentrations of sulfate and magnesium.

dead sea salt

How does it work? Well, it helps remove built up toxins in your body. It has a lot of minerals and salts to help support a healthy immune system. Many people use it as a tonic to increase energy. Others use it as a way to increase flexibility and range of motion. And of course, there are many who use dead sea salt baths to detoxify and revitalize their bodies.

To do a good soak or tub soak, you will need to gather some dead sea salt and other essential oils. Pure oil is best, as it won’t cause any residue that can be harmful. Soaking can take place for hours, depending on how much you want to soak and how long you plan to spend soaking in the tub or shower.

Once you’ve gathered your materials, you’ll need to do a few steps to prepare yourself and your skin for the bath. For starters, you’ll want to make sure you have clean skin. Avoid using harsh soap or cleansing agents, such as those with fragrances. These ingredients can strip the skin of natural oils, which can lead to irritation and skin infections. To prevent this from happening, you may want to use one of the many organic skin cleansers that are available over the counter.

Next, you’ll want to mix a few drops of essential oil into your warm water containing dead sea salts. The best oils to use are those that are extracted from plants, as these have more natural mineral content. Essential oil adds a fresh, earthy smell to the mixture. It also makes it easier for you to feel relaxed while soaking.

Then, take a few small cups of the dead sea salt and fill your tub or shower with it. Allow for it to mix with your water and soak for approximately fifteen minutes. Once you’re done soaking, you’ll want to rinse your body thoroughly to remove all of the mineral content. Then, you’ll want to add another couple cups of the dead sea salt to your bath water. Allow for it to soak for approximately thirty minutes.

In addition to helping your skin condition, you can use the Dead Sea salt scrub as a great way to treat various other conditions. It has been used for hundreds of years for healing skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, and dry skin. This is yet one more way that this unique substance can benefit you.

If you suffer from an aching back, you should look into using the Dead Sea salts for your aching muscles. This is probably one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Along with helping you to eliminate harmful toxins that you take in through your diet, your skin will be better for it too. And, it’s affordable too.

Many people wonder how Dead Sea salt baths can help their aching muscles. They don’t really know, because they haven’t given it much thought. What they do know is that there are actually several benefits for them. Aches and pains can be helped with healing aches and pains, and they will get even better results in the end. That’s because the key ingredient used in these products is magnesium chloride.

Magnesium chloride is one of the essential oils found in Dead Sea salt. As the oils to absorb the water in the seawater and work on the body, the magnesium chloride will work too. This is why many people have referred to the Dead Sea salt scrub as a detoxifying scrub. When you soak in a Dead Sea salt bath, you are taking in essential oils which will then work on your body. These essential oils include, but aren’t limited to:

As you can see, the benefits of Dead Sea salt baths go far beyond just “cleansing.” While many people think of these products as a beauty treatment, they are far more than that. In fact, these baths are known to promote healing properties, as well as promote better health in general. They can be great for everyone, as long as you know when to take them.

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