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Creating Customer Support Through Manychat Integration

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Creating Customer Support Through Manychat Integration

Chat Bots – They are the newest, hot new thing to hit Facebook and chat online with your friends all day long. Their arrival has caused many a stir, but are chat Bots really worth it? Or is it a waste of time? Well, this article will attempt to answer that question for you.

A chatbot is a program, which sits at the top of a Facebook chat room and responds to any pop-up messages that occur within the chat session. Most chat bots are used on Facebook’s sister site, MySpace, as they can be set up to post in different areas such as Polls, News, and Recipes. However, chat bots have proven quite effective at pop-up advertising for major corporations, pop-up ads for realtors, pop-up ads for travel websites, and pop-up ads for entertainment websites.

Chat Bots have amazing Open Rates of up to 70%. That s pretty good by themselves, however what could take it even farther is having an Ad Word Plugin that creating landing pages. With the right plugin, a chat bot could take any message and create landing pages that are unique to each individual user. These landing pages contain advertisement like pop-ups that are designed to grab the reader’s attention so that they keep on clicking, resulting in increased conversion rates.

A small example of how such a feature could work is when a chat bot is used to promote a large-sized business. Say for instance, the business sells a wide variety of apparel, accessories, and jewelry. For each person that buys something from the company’s website, a cookie is placed within the chat bot’s memory that stays there until such time that the user wishes to remove it. When a visitor to the company’s website clicks on the chat bot and is taken to their screen, the chat bot records their data and places it within the cookie. When the user wishes to remove this cookie, they can simply do so by selecting “Cancel” within the chat bot’s options panel.

In the example above, the visitor to the website chat bot’s site would be taken to a company website landing page. Once at the landing page, the visitor would be able to see various items such as T-shirts, jewelry, hats, and so forth. If the visitor liked the site, they might then want to shop by clicking on a “Shop” option. If they decided to do this, they would then be taken to a shopping cart section. Within this section of the website chat bot, a mobile version of the shopping cart will be installed.

This shopping cart section could be customized to include various tabs. This shopping cart section could be customized to include tabs for the different types of products that are sold through the website chat platform. Further, the mobile messaging apps would connect the tab components of different sites that are part of the same chat bot system. For instance, if one site included a product called “Movers & Shakers,” the mobile messaging app could link the tabs for that site with those for “Movers & Shakers” in the chat bot system. This connection could be especially useful if the site the visitor is on does not have a shopping cart.

In today’s competitive market place, it is vitally important to attract traffic to one’s website. The challenge here is to attract traffic that is both interested in the site’s offerings and also is capable of engaging with the offerings. A chat bot system can accomplish this task quite easily. To achieve optimal engagement, the chat bots should be integrated into a site’s content management system (CMS). This will ensure that the chat bot will appear in all sections of the CMS that the site is a part of.

Chat bots are quite intelligent. In addition to being able to detect user names and create and reply to open messages, these bots can also use their browsing skills to scan a web page. If links are present in the page that a visitor has previously browsed, the bot will follow-up on that link. By using manychat integration as well as customer support, the chat bot will be sure to please its users.

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