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Black Truffle Salt and Its Long Way to Your Kitchen

Black truffle salt is a unique product because of its dark color. It is produced from a fungus called Syzygium aromaticum. This fungus is not considered a health hazard and the powder formed from it is not considered a food. Because of this it is very difficult to get hold of the genuine stuff. Most online vendors ship to Canada and the United States and are available to buy online. Be prepared to pay more for the genuine high quality salt but, as proven by many, real truffle salt beats fake truffle salt in both price/oz and quality.

black truffle salt

A lot of people love truffle because of the amazing flavor that it has but there are also many who hate it for its high level of fat. While no one person can say why some like it and some don’t, almost all agree that regular table salt has a lot to do with the flavor and that negative ions created by the sun and air are responsible for it’s black color. Many people also note that after years of using regular table salt they notice a gradual lessening of the color and taste and they no longer enjoy eating or drinking truffle. These are probably the main reasons why so many are looking to buy truffle salt online and supplement their diets with genuine truffle.

Buying black truffle salt from a reputable online vendor ensures that you’re buying a real product. To make sure you don’t get ripped off or pay too much, be wary of sites that don’t offer a refund as well as those that state their prices without giving any reason. Make sure that the website you buy from has a secure payment setup and that your personal information is protected in any way. A great place to find all the information you need to get started is by searching for “truffle” in Google or any other search engine and adding the words ” Reviews” or “Best”.

As mentioned earlier, there are many different varieties of black truffle salt that are available. The most popular in my opinion are the ones made with consol or conch shells. Consol is harvested from the heart of a clam and has a naturally sweet flavor. This makes it very salty which suits the taste of many people. On the other hand, conch shells are harvested when the snail is already prepared and when its time to release its treasure into the sea.

There are many other varieties of salts including white truffle salt, rosemary salt, and sea salt among others. When buying these products, make sure you read all the information on the label including the ingredients which can vary from supplier to supplier. Some brands may use organic materials while others may not so look for a salt with certifications and accreditation as this is an indication of the quality of the black truffle salt.

In addition to the black truffle salt itself, these products also make great gifts. My personal favorite gift is using them in a dish with fresh black truffle, along with some shrimp and lobster juice. It makes a very interesting and unique menu which would be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Try these recipes out for yourself and enjoy a different twist on traditional salty dishes!

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