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If you’ve got a balcony, you can create a garden without a lot of floor space by using hanging baskets. They are a very elegant way to position flowers high off the ground and add visual interest to your balcony. To create the right effect, you might want to invest in a nylon liner for the basket.

Adding a miniature greenhouse

If you want to have a green thumb and grow your own plants but don’t have the space for a garden, adding a miniature greenhouse to your balcony is an excellent option. This type of greenhouse can allow you to extend the growing season and grow herbs and flowers all year round.

These greenhouses come with adjustable shelves and are made from transparent polycarbonate, which allows maximum light to enter and helps retain heat for early sprouts. You can also open the roof so you can get ample sunlight for your plants. You can even adjust the size of the vents using the screws on the side.

A typical greenhouse is 71 inches long and about 36.3 inches wide. They can be built with a sturdy steel frame and a transparent PVC cover. Depending on your budget and how much space you have, you can choose between two different greenhouse sizes. The size of the greenhouse should not exceed ten square feet.

To build a balcony greenhouse, you need to consider the material you’d like. Wood is the cheapest option but is prone to damage from ultraviolet radiation. A more affordable option is polycarbonate, which is rigid plastic, similar to glass. It blocks about 99% of UV rays while providing excellent thermal protection. Polycarbonate greenhouses are available in single or twin wall versions. Another option is steel, which is strong but will oxidize over time. Aluminum is another great option and is weather resistant.

Once you have the basic structure of your greenhouse in place, you can start adding optional materials. Some people choose to use wood or PVC pipes as the frame material. Aluminium is also a good option for a greenhouse, as it is resistant to wind, rain and corrosion. Lastly, you can choose to use plastic or glass sheets.

When choosing materials for the greenhouse covering, think about your budget and the lifespan of the greenhouse. Glass allows 90 percent of sunlight and blocks out UV radiation, but it is expensive and fragile. If you plan on keeping your greenhouse in a permanent location, it is best to opt for glass. Plastic is cheap but is not as durable as glass.

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