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This is an exciting time to be a shopper at Salts Worldwide because they are celebrating their 12th year of selling the best sea salt and other fine products online. Since our company started twelve years ago, we have grown to become one of the best known online retailers of natural foods, including salt, in the world. Our goal as a company has always been to offer customers the very best quality, value, and variety possible for salt and related items.

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This year we are celebrating the success of our company’s involvement in the natural and organic movement. We have partnered with the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to reduce the amount of additives used in table salt. We also have formed the “Natural Elements Network” to promote organic and sustainable alternatives to traditional table salt. As part of the network, each of our retailers is participating in a number of activities, including buying in bulk, having a healthy shopping experience, and reducing our environmental footprint. Below, you will find information about all of the actions that we are taking to improve our environmental footprint and support the natural elements of our planet.

We are proud to offer some of the most delicious sea salts on the market in the form of our Handful of Salt Collection. Each of our collection designs is created by hand and created with the finest, natural minerals available. Because our salt is naturally derived and not processed, our customers can enjoy its wholesome taste along with the wide variety of nutrients found in the fine crystals. Each bag of Handful of Salt also contains a USDA or Organic seal to ensure that we are promoting environmentally responsible practices and protecting wildlife habitat.

In addition to the Handful of Salt collection, we offer several other products that help to improve your everyday culinary needs. The Natural Elements Seasoning Salt is made from Dead Sea salt. Each bag of seasoning is an authentic product that is guaranteed to bring out the flavor of any dish. If you’re looking for a healthy, alternative taste to traditional seasoning, consider using our Seasoning Blend. Our blend contains a high mineral content and an array of different herb and spice combinations to satisfy your culinary palette.

Many individuals wonder why using sea salts in any form would add value to their food. Because kosher salt is recognized as meeting the highest standards of traditional Jewish dietary laws, the minerals and trace elements in sea salts are even more beneficial for you. Kosher salt is also highly regarded for it’s ability to draw out the flavor from any food, especially meats. When adding kosher salt to your next meal, you are ensuring that you are providing your body with healthy, nutritional options.

As you review our complete line of kosher salt products, you’ll notice that we also carry several “knock out” salts that can provide the salt taste that you crave but eliminate all of the unhealthy elements that regular table salt can bring to your meal. For instance, one of our products called Dead Sea salt contains over 40 minerals that have been proven to aid in improving digestion and revitalizing the body. It’s also a great alternative to regular table salt. In addition to these benefits, our salt products are naturally mined in a number of locations around the world. This allows us to offer you the highest quality product that we can produce.

There are many benefits to using Dead Sea salt or one of the other salts produced at our salt plant. Not only do these products taste great, they also offer you many ways to enhance the taste. For example, Dead Sea salt contains a unique, almost ethereal quality to it. This special taste can be achieved by using it on raw foods or in the sprinkling of your favorite recipes.

By purchasing Dead Sea salt products, you are helping to maintain the healthiest water supply in the world. You are also helping to maintain healthy people and an environmentally sustainable society. You will definitely enjoy the many uses that you will discover for your Dead Sea salt products. You will also find that Dead Sea salt is considerably less expensive than regular table salt. As a matter of fact, it is less expensive than some of the most popular brands of salt on the market.

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