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3 Top Applications For Your Chat Bot

If you are a member of a popular social networking site, you will surely have come across at least one chat bot in use. This is usually an advanced artificial intelligence ( AI ) program that operates on a user’s queries. It provides a virtual assistant (or personal assistant) that responds to queries made by the webmaster. This can be a very useful tool for webmasters who want to increase the number of visitors their websites get every day. If used correctly, a chat bot can be able to drive significant traffic to a website.

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There are different kinds of chat bots available today, from those that can be used for free, to those that require a monthly subscription. A free chat bot, however, uses a mix of bot support and human assistance. These chat bots are similar to the popular Yahoo! Messenger bot (still in beta). The good thing about chat bots is that you are able to install them right onto your website just the same way that you do with live chat buttons.

However, not all chat bots work the same way. Some of these apps have complex coding that makes them almost impossible to operate without assistance. Others still need a bit of configuration so that they will work well even without any help. These complicated chat bots can also be extremely time consuming and require the developer to either hire or purchase third party expertise in order to successfully set them up.

One popular alternative to chat bots are online applications. Webmasters may opt to create such apps in order to provide chat functionality on their sites. There are various examples of online chat bots available, such as Yahoo Messenger Bots, Facebook Bots and Twitter Bots. These are programs specifically created for webmasters to integrate into their sites. You may also find a plethora of these software programs available in video format over at YouTube.

Webmasters that want their sites to run more smoothly may wish to look into the use of messenger software. This particular bot is programmed to send out automatic messages (usually in the form of pop-ups) based on pre-defined criteria. For example, the messenger bot can notify you when messages are sent and received from your Yahoo! account.

In a nutshell, messenger bots provide the means by which webmasters can get around the problem of how to drive discovery to maximize online visibility and subscriber response. These bots can notify the user of a message if you are not present, and remind the subscriber that you exist. This ensures that the user will spend more time on your site, as a direct result of your presence. In essence, it helps the user remain engaged with your content, increasing your conversion rate.

Another popular application is the automated conversational search tool. This is essentially a chat bot program that performs basic searches on specific terms, and can save time for webmasters that do not need to perform this type of manual search themselves. A good example of this would be if you are trying to sell products on eBay. Rather than writing product descriptions, posting an ad, and hoping that people will respond, you can install a chatbot that will perform this step for you. All you have to do is set the parameters of the search, and let the chat bot take care of the rest!

As we have demonstrated, chat bots can be instrumental to the success of your online business, whether you are new or established. Chat Bots have many purposes and are used in many different applications, but the three aforementioned are particularly popular among developers and marketers. Chat bots will help you get more out of your subscriber base while freeing up your time to promote and grow your business.

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